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SINCE 2011

STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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BREAKING NEWS: The QuintyFresh Report - Week 2 Baby!

November 29, 2023

BREAKING NEWS: The QuintyFresh Report - Week 2 Baby! I mean, do you even need me at this point? The thing is... The newsletter has been out-played, out-manoeuvred, out-cheekied and completely stomped out of existence. Thanks to one man–@quintyfresh. The Quinty Fresh Report Week 2 Is Live! Two key takeaways from this thread, maybe three: Learn what’s hot on the forums this week. Quinty’s happy dance moves (the 10 seconds of the news report ye don’t want to miss, ever) All affiliate marketing is black magic voodoo. Yer welcome. I wholeheartedly surrender to the best affiliate newscaster in the world. 👉👉👉 BREAKING NEWS – The QuintyFresh Report Week 2 – WATCH HERE Campaign Audience Reach: PropellerAds’ New Targeting Feature How do you feel about having more targeting options for your campaigns? Sounds just right, doesn’t it? PropellerAds has developed a new and exclusive feature called Campaign Audience Reach, and it can do wonders with your Onclick campaign that's based on the CPM bidding model. Thanks to machine-learning algorithms, this feature allows to select the most relevant traffic for your campaign purpose and help you reach your objectives. Here’s how it all works. Two new audience groups When setting up your Onclick campaign, you will now be presented with an additional targeting option that’s available for all account levels. It will look like this: This new feature divided the entire Onclick CPM traffic into two user audiences: High Intent Audience - the top choice when you need highly engaged users who are ready to convert Wide Reach Audience - ideal option when you’re working on boosting brand awareness and creating a deeper bond with your prospects But, there’s a third option as well: High Intent + Wide Reach - perfect for situations when you need to maximize your traffic and gather all users Why trust PropellerAds’ algorithms? The feature is the result of the latest development in machine learning. PropellerAds used two types of data to segment all users in these two audience groups - user behavior data and historical data. No time like the present to test the power of Audience Reach. >> REGISTER AT PROPELLERADS TODAY You Are Not Your Work Hope your ego’s doing well today. How would you react if someone told you the lander you coded, designed and wrote isn’t performing well? What if someone said your ad sucks? If your blood pressure rises immediately…we’ve got some bad news for ye. In this thread ye’ll learn why: There’s no place for ego or politics in business. But most of all, why you are not your work. And, how to be a true professional no matter what ye do. 👉👉👉 Ego Is The Enemy – Read Here

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The Wolf of STM Forum

October 25, 2023

The Wolf of STM Forum You know exactly which wolf I’m talkin’ about. Mr. Maor ‘The Wolf’ Benaim. An OG legend in the aff space. You’ve seen him at every Affiliate World. Needs no introduction. And there are two pieces of muy importante news. The Wolf joins STM’s moderator crew. Yeah, that’s right. We’ve a wolf moderator. Go pick his brains. He’s got a new book out. It’s for the: Digital Marketing Novice Curious Entrepreneur Seasoned Marketer Affiliate Manager Or Work For A Digital Marketing Company At Any Role Brand / Agency Owner And ye’ll learn: Proven tactics to elevate your digital marketing game Strategies for more lucrative partnerships and deals How to spot predators and protect your business Tips for achieving mastery in your journey More inside. 👉👉👉 Say Hi To The Wolf 3 Years In And No Results

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Free Ads & Landers For STM Newbies On A Budget

October 18, 2023

Free Ads & Landers For STM Newbies On A Budget Nooblets, listen up. ‘Tis a rare offer. One you need to take advantage of, right now. Let me quote @kjrocker: “I have a dedicated team of devs and designers/video editor who occasionally find themselves with some extra time on their hands. To keep them engaged and motivated, I often take on extra projects, and I thought it would be great to extend this opportunity to the amazing members of this forum, especially those who may be working on a tight budget. Here's the deal: services are completely free for stm members, and there's no expectation of payment whatsoever.” .. More: “The aim is to help low budget hustlers achieve their goals, whether it's coding, graphic design, or video editing.” Do remember though, this is for newbie hustlers on a shoestring budget. This is yer chance to get landers, ads and whatever graphics you have in mind done by an STM legend. Go get ‘em. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Get Free Ads & LPs Here & Thank KJ Building a Dream Team To Scale Your Campaigns >

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How 2 Run UK Financial Ads Ban-Proof Edition

October 11, 2023

How 2 Run UK Financial Ads Ban-Proof Edition You know you can’t run UK financial services without a ban hammer. The FCA, Financial Conduct Authority, breathes down yer neck. Good luck with any of these, basically: Banking Insurance Investment management Consumer Credit Mortgages Crypto Way more If you don’t want to churn accounts by the hour… And pull your hair… Or get sued… @kjrocker shows you two ways to never get a ban hammer. Ever. And no, it ain’t blackhat. Nor is it cloaking. In fact, it doesn’t get any more whitehat than this. How-ever, it ain’t easy. But very few do this. Or would bother to even follow through. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Get The Secret Sauce Here The Easiest Offers You’ve Ever Promoted A trip down memory lane. Remember 7Search? Remember 2006? Yeah. What were the easiest dollarydoos you’ve ever pulled? Some, ran Mypc Backup on every imaginable PPV network, for 2.5 years straight. Near zero competition. Others ran PINs in India for easy $X,XXX/day profits. Mackeeper? 100% ROI on day 1, direct linked. Zero targeting. Plus way more. Take a look at @kjrocker’s swipe file: Ah, the good old days. 👉👉👉 Reminisce Here

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Make Your Affiliate Pennies Squeal For Mercy

October 04, 2023

Make Your Affiliate Pennies Squeal For Mercy In other words: Money-saving hacks for your greedy affiliate eyeballs, STM style. @kjrocker kicks this off with: Credit card points = free flights. Hungry university graduates = cheap labour. Then @matuloo hops in with advanced hacks that’ll tickle yer brains, like: Payment methods (and payment frequencies) can save you cash Bank account in the same currency Secret traffic source hax to grab 10% on top of your deposit You’ve got a metric ton of tools…and there’s only one way to save hundreds TransferWise Advanced negotiation techniques More 👉👉👉 Learn How To Save Yer Money Here New VOD Offer - Multi-Geo High-Payout Got traffic for VOD? At ClickLoop, we recently launched our own in-house VOD products - and our affiliates are already getting amazing results! Some info on these VOD offers: 💎 High Performance: EPC = $1-$1.5 (for US); CR = 3-3.5% (for US) 💎 Multi-Geo: US, UK, AU, NZ, CA, GB, FR, DE, IT, ES, AT, CH, and expanding! 💎 High-Payout: Starting from $30 for credit card submit 💎 Converting Landers: Fresh and optimized landers and blank pages to convert your traffic! 💎 Fast Payments: Weekly Net10 payments, wire and paxum Most people on our team have been working in the VOD market for 20+ years and are widely known in the field. Our main goal is to establish long-term partnership with you. We are always happy to discuss potential cooperation with you or simply exchange experiences. Please sign up and reach out! >> Run High-Payout VOD Offers TODAY! Zuckerbook & Google Leadgen KPIs In The US Question: “Do any of you know some average Facebook ad KPIs that I should aim for with Leadgen (Auto,Heath, Life, etc) for the US?” The answers may surprise you. You need to take note of two major KPIs for Zuckerbook (it’s all in there, as per usual). Google? CTR, CPC, QS and one other metric above all (yes, it’s in there too). But wait, there’s more. If you think your fancy-ass $1 CPC on Zuckerbook is killer… We like ‘em under $0.20 on STM. 👉👉👉 Observe & Absorb…& Participate Damn It

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$385,274.87 In 1 Month

September 20, 2023

$385,274.87 In 1 Month Finally, The Jaybot himself brings news, and screenshots: That’s 400k+ revenue in a month. Oh, here’s another one: I now have the juicy numbers. The sweet grenn-ness. That’s $3866 per day. A notch above the magical $2739 per day. These are his words, not mine. The best part? Buried deep inside the world’s greatest follow along, on page 49, we see: Why Google/YT is a way massive-er pain in the ass than Zuckerbook Why you wanna avoid tier 2 native networks (and save yer cashmoney) Why push/pops are 1. Still making money and 2. The best way to get yer feet wet with AM Why the #1 TikTok skill-set is…patience. But wait, there’s more: Like: – The heat death of the universe. – Not being an idiot by consistently losing money. – Jaybot getting pouty because he lost $10. – Cursing that would make a pirate blush. – Way more. Now, I’ll do my best to try and extract more juicy details on Jaybot’s inner-workings, but I ain’t making no promises. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 My 'Like' Button’s Down Here Case Study: $1900 Profit in 7 Days with Direct Linking Newbie and Veteran Affiliates listen up - running campaigns don’t get easier than this case study! Gurus will tell you “Direct Linking doesn’t work! You MUST use a landing page!” Well - this case study proves them wrong. AND - get this - most of the profits are from pop traffic. Some info and stats: Revenue: $5454.32 Cost: $3550.68 Profit: $1903.65 ROI: 53.61% Affiliate Network: Golden Goose Geo: Bangladesh Offer Type: mVAS Traffic: Pop and Push Period: 7 Days >> Click here to see the full case study! The case study reveals details like campaign targeting, optimization, and scaling (even the exact traffic sources!) You know what else? We at Golden Goose have LOTS other offers that convert like this. We specialize in this type of offers - called mVAS offers. In fact, we’re the biggest network in the mVAS niche - with offers from 150 goes! BONUS: Use promo code "STM10" to get an extra 10% on your payout for 7 days! >> Check Out the Full Case Study Here! CRT Monitors & Affiliate Marketing in 2005 Thus, we once again seek to comprehend the deep dark depths of Lazy Neo’s wicked mind. Perhaps no one ever will, but we’ll keep on tryin’. And @twinaxe’s affiliate marketing origin story may yet reveal crumbs. It was 2005. 25 year-old Lazy Neo’s single thought at the time was–“parties”. Until a sudden decision altered the course of his life. “I made a big decision that should change my life forever.” One best friend, one 500 kilogram 19” retina-burning CRT monitor, one PC and one 6 Mbit internet connection later is how @twinaxe’s story unfolded. “In the end I paid €70 each month (€60 internet + €10 webhosting) for a forum that we only used to bullshit around in the internet. That didn't sound right for me so I decided to make some money online to pay for that stuff. I didn't know how to do it, I didn't know ANYTHING about affiliate marketing etc but I knew that I'll make it.” Torrents, that’s how it all started–a playground for music, movies and random shenanigans. Torrents led Neo to seeing ‘pop-up ads’ for the very first time. And that’s where it all began… 👉👉👉 I Know You’re Curious…Follow The Story Here

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The First $10/day

September 12, 2023

The First $10/day Ah, the sweet smell of your first profits. Look at @hxid321’s glorious screenshot: All newbies have been there. Grinding. Launching campaigns. Testing countless offers. Cherry picking networks. Networking… Yet, you’re never convinced this advertising magic works. It took this man 40+ offers. And 5 different networks to see green numbers. Game ain’t easy. But oh boy do ye get hooked once you see The Profit. Yer welcome. And keep grinding. 👉👉👉 Give Thanks Here [SPONSORED] Guaranteed Income In Affiliate Marketing - Does It Exist? Tired of sending traffic to offers that don’t convert? What if I told you there’s an offer that’s GUARANTEED to pay you for your traffic? Introducing…CrakClicks - the craziest, most lucrative program ever created. So what IS CrakClicks? ✔️ A new and revolutionary PPC program, by CrakRevenue ✔️ Allows you to earn guaranteed income with almost no effort ✔️ You get paid on a PER-CLICK basis ✔️ Your performance is measured by the quality of the traffic you send It’s a complete game-changer! Generally, the most profitable conversions are sales and leads. But we at CrakRevenue have found a way to turn clicks into conversions to help affiliates earn guaranteed income. CrakClicks is CrakRevenue’s most exclusive program. With CrakClicks, you can: Get more stable commissions Put little to no effort into your campaigns Focus on your own content Get paid per click Avoid wasting traffic And it’s been tested by a few affiliates in beta testing mode. Here’s what they discovered: $100k+ in paid affiliate commissions A few thousand dollars earned per affiliate via CrakClicks. Increased payouts based on regular optimizations Income increase of 75% Take advantage of this rare opportunity TODAY! >> Make Guaranteed Income with CrakClicks by CrakRevenue! Critical Affiliate Mistakes Allow me to rustle your feathers. How? Scary words like these: Fear of loss or spending money, especially when yer getting no results. The almighty shiny-object syndrome (maybe I should test this offer, and that vertical, and that juicy traffic source over there) Lack of systems or processes (I’ll test this and hopes and prayers that we get a conversion) Over-analysing and over-thinking. I.e. analysis-paralysis Being impatient, as in expecting 1 million dollarydoos by midnight. Ye should be impatient as an entrepreneur, but only when it comes to execution–i.e. the gigantic gap between ideas and actions, operationally. The list carries on. It’s massive. Anywhoms, these are the conclusions from one of our newbies indoors: “Decided to document everything and make myself accountable to the community. So, here we are. I've jumped into AM several times already over the last 10 years, and never stuck around long enough to make it work. I've been reflecting on why, and with the help of some reading, these are the conclusions I've come to.” If you can self-reflect in that same way… Well guess what? You’d be on the right track, too. 👉👉👉 Keep Track Of This Follow Along

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$45k In 1 Day By A Sexy Solid Snake Dad Bod Near You

September 06, 2023

$45k In 1 Day By A Sexy Solid Snake Dad Bod Near You Remember this thread? Remember we were about to riot? Jaybot promised the numbers. He promised. And the juicy inner workings of his campaigns. So, my bag of crafty newsletter spells has just run out. I don’t know how to stop The Jaybot. Not anymore. He’s now used my own tricks against me…twice. The dad bod, the myth, the legend just pulled a $45k/day. And he won’t tell us what the ROI is. Not yet, at least. Look at this, I didn’t write this. He did. He’s mastered the art of the newsletter: “it’s been awhile since 4th grade so my math might be off but I think... (thanks to that tiny little $110 late conversion from Google)... that's around $45k IN ONE DAY Wew. Lad. Yeah yeah. Revenue schmevenue. Doesn't mean much if I paid $46k to get that, right? Well I didn't. I paid less than that. How much less? How's about this: SOLID SNAKE was a fantastic character in the Metal Gear Series and all of the games still hold up to this day. But we're not talking about video games... OR ARE WE?! In any case: Solid ROI. Won't say exactly how much because, you know, it's more mysterious that way. Plus. I'm pretty sure my kids and wife spent it all already. Inflation. And. Diapers are hella expensive. Will update the FA with some crazy details this week. Look forward to it.” I have one last ace up my sleeve, and that’s it–but I’ll save it for darker days. Yer welcome…I guess. I’m even forced to use an emoji: 😾 👉👉👉 Send Yer Thanks & Complaints In Here [SPONSORED] 3 Criteria For the Best Adult Dating Offers? If you’ve been running adult dating for some time, you’ll know when you see a promising offer. Basically, here are the conditions you’d be looking for: New Offer with FRESH CLEAN Database - so the offer is new and exciting to almost every person you send to the offer Direct Offer - you want to cut out all middle-men that broker the offer - to maximize the payout and minimize the number of redirects (for faster speeds = better conversion) Proven Offer with High and Stable EPC - ideally, the offer should already have a few affiliates pushing it, with great results 💎 We at ClickLoop have launched a new product that fits all 3 criteria above. 💎 >> Please sign up and get in touch to inquire about this new offer. Other reasons to work with us: 💲 We also have our own offers in the Adult Games and VOD (Streaming) verticals, which our affiliates have been working with steadily for years. 💲 We are able to guarantee high CR, and EPC in the range of $0.10-$1.00. 💲 We can create custom solutions at your request, depending on your traffic type and GEO - eg. specific iframes, white labels, landers and anything else you need. Just ask! 💲 Individuals on our team are well-known in this industry with their 20+ years of experience. 💲 We ensure stable EPC, regular payouts, and a dedicated manager who will be in touch with you 24/7. Our main goal is to establish long-term partnerships with you. If you're seeking a stable and reliable partner and are confident in your traffic, then we must work together. We will work harder than anyone and go the extra mile to earn your business! >> Access Adult Offers with High CR & EPC Today! A Worthy Cause For Your Affiliate Dollarydoos Listen up, you hedonistic affiliate gastronomes. This is serious. You all make a pretty penny. You spend it all on lambos. Massage parlours. Endless parties. Boats. Food. But now, you get a chance to do something meaningful. This is about helping Bianca. A true warrior and a mother of two, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. With 0 chances of survival. Yet she pulled through. But there’s one more surgery required to clear things off completely. It’s $40k, which is impossible for her. So @blackemil organised an STM fundraiser. Plus, your kindness shall be repaid with knowledge, as you’ll see inside. 👉👉👉 Go Here & Help Bianca

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